From my very wise friend.

faith - no filter

I wish you could see it through my eyes sometimes.

How hard it really can be.

But if I talk about it, if I tell you my truth, it makes it worse.

Maybe you have some idea, maybe you have lived it too? Lived with that uncomfortable feeling that you need to hide that vulnerable part – the real you.
Every day, news headlines and blog posts and Facebook memes, lump us all together. Being who I am, who I was born to be, is now synonymous with some pretty awful labels.
I’m not. I’m not those things, but it doesn’t matter. So often I find myself on the wrong side of what society deems acceptable.
I typically hide my views, my opinions and my pain.
Because, yes, it causes pain.
Why is it acceptable, in this day and age, for everyone to be anything they want to be —…

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