When You Think You’ve Got It Bad…

Think again

We all have them, those days when everything sucks…

You just don’t look good,
your clothes don’t fit right,
you hate your job, your family and yourself;
and to top it off, you have no money!

Getting out of that funk can be really difficult, especially when it seems never ending. You’re tired, fed up, discouraged and generally, just DONE!

You tell yourself the same things over and over or others tell you…

“This will get better”
“You’re just having a bad day (week, month or year)”
“It could always be worse”

My go to has always been, “It could always be worse”, think about it – couldn’t it?

Michelle Knight

  • Bullied/assaulted in school.
  • Drops out of school after she gets pregnant.
  • Her child gets taken away and put into foster care.
  • At 21 she is kidnapped.
  • After a year she is taken off the missing persons list, so nobody is looking for her.
  • Tortured and sexually abused for eleven years.
  • As a result of starvation and extreme beatings, she suffered 5 miscarriages, loss of vision and nerve damage.

This is one strong and amazing woman! She endured and stayed positive and did what she had to do to survive. She helped to keep the other victims (Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus) alive and gave them hope and strength to keep going until they were rescued!

This is who I think of when I think things are bad or I’m feeling sorry for myself. She wasn’t a famous superstar, she was just a regular girl trying to get along in this world like the rest of us.

I constantly see women fight through impossible situations and never give up. As a woman, this makes me so proud to know how strong, stubborn and smart we can be. We can fight through anything and survive, often times coming out better than we were.

Who are the women that inspire you?

Look around and I bet you can think of at least 5 in your own inner circle.

My proposal as a national symbol for Women


Some other awe inspiring women below – If you aren’t familiar with them, look them up and read their stories. Imagine yourself in their place, would you fight and hang on and persevere and do what it took to survive?

Of course you would…

You’re a woman, nothing can stop us!

Liz Murray – Parents were drug addicts and eventually died from AIDS.  At 15 became homeless, but despite all of her hardships she attended Harvard University and today is a very successful inspirational speaker.

Helen Keller – At 19 months old contracted an illness that left her deaf and blind. Come on, I can’t even…

Elizabeth Smart – Abducted at age 14.  Raped, tortured and threatened with death for 9 months. She is now an American Activist and a missing persons commentator for ABC News.

And so many others…


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